A solution which allows you to replace your lamp by saving up to 50%.

A Genius alternative, the bare projector bulb is sold separately, without the cartridge. It is therefore necessary to retrieve the defective lamp's cartridge when extracting the projector bulb from the projector lamp.

Once the old bulb has been removed, the new one must be fitted into the cartridge, and both elements must then be reinstalled into the projector.

We invite you to consult our clients' testimonials on Genius bare projector bulbs

This DIY solution for the replacement of your projector lamp or bulb saves your money!

Our guarantee

Justprojectorlamps.com only offers Genius DIY projector bulbs for lamps allowing a straightforward and easy removal and reinstallation of a bare bulb. We do not recommend this solution if complex handling operations are required. Installing a new Genius bare bulb should be a quick and easy procedure without any risk of damage to the bulb or to the cartridge.

For more information see the official website of "http://geniuslamps.com/" Genius lamps.

 Lampe Genius

The Genius logo: The guarantee of a certifed lamp

Why pay more for a replacement projector lamp of identical quality?

Original Inside replacement projector lamps consist of high quality original bulbs which are provided and certified by the manufacturer, and of generic cartridges housing the bulb (also known as trolleys, contours, supports or chassis). The performances of a projector lamp are solely dependent on the quality of the bulb, and those used in Original Inside replacement projector lamps are 100% equal to those used in classic original projector lamps, in terms of luminosity, lifespan and colorimetry.

Original Inside lamps = Original bulb + generic cartridge.

Please note that in respect of replacement lamps for Epson projectors, the Original Inside lamp consists of a bulb made by Philips and a generic housing.

For more information see the official website of "http://originalinsidelamps.com/en" Original Inside lamps.

 Lampe Original Inside

The OI logo: The guarantee of a 100% original bulb.

Justprojectorlamps.co.uk has been selling a large range of Genius replacement projector lamps for more than three years. Many of our clients have chosen these high quality products sold at extremely interesting prices, and we invite you to consult our clients' testimonials on Genius projector lamps "href=original-inside-projector-lamp-bulb/client-testimonials.html" to read testimonials.

A reliable and economic alternative

As is the case with memory cards for PCs or printer cartridges, some companies in the audio-visual market are now providing Genius replacement projector lamps. All Genius projector lamps on offer on justprojectorlamps.com are manufactured to strict standards and submitted to a high level of controls and tests relating to the projector's performance. Their voltage, contrasts, life span and luminosity are all benchtested. All Genius lamps comply with ISO 9001 standards.

For more information see the official website of "http://geniuslamps.com/" Genius lamps.

 Lampe Genius

The Genius logo: The guarantee of a certifed lamp

An original replacement projector lamp is equipped with an original bulb, thus ensuring an optimum lifespan and the best possible image quality. It allows you to keep the manufacturer's guarantee on your projector.

You can order an original replacement projector lamp from justprojectorlamps.com in the UK for virtually all projector models sold on the European market. The replacement of a projector lamp is a simple operation which does not cause any damage to your projector. In most cases, opening a simple access panel protected by a screw allows you to carry out the replacement of the lamp.

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Our guarantee on projector lamps

Our technical department are here to advise you and solve any minor problem that may be the cause of your lamps malfunction. If our technical department cannot resolve the issue, we provide replacement options for the defective product.

Our technical department is available from Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 17:30 at 0800 158 4425 and/or by email at rma@justprojectorlamps.co.uk

How long is the standard warranty period?

The warranty period for our video projector lamps allows you to purchase your product with peace of mind. It guarantees the effective operation of your video projector lamp for a set period, if however, your lamp malfunctions, the warranty gives you the right to an exchange, refund or credit.

- The warranty for "Original" video projector lamps is 3 months.
- The warranty for "Original Inside" video projector lamps is 12 months.
- The warranty for "Genius" video projector lamps is 12 months.

Justprojectorlamps.co.uk reserves the right to investigate and to reject any warranty claim that is not justified.

NB: the warranty period begins from the date that the affected lamp was purchased. It will not apply if the serial number of your lamp is illegible, altered or missing.

What is the returns procedure?

If your video projector lamp malfunctions during the warranty period, you must create an RMA (Return Material Authorization) request by logging in to our site (using your email and password) and click on the link (RMA Return Request) near the My Account icon on the top right of the screen, or through your customer account. In the event of multiple returns, please bear in mind that each RMA form generates a single RMA number which must correspond to a single order number/receipt number and one lamp reference number.

Our technical department will validate your request within 48 hours. They will send you an email indicating your RMA number as well as the return methods for the defective product along with a pre-paid return label. In the event of withdrawal or any other reason not under our control, the return costs are borne by the customer.

The customer is required to package the product for return correctly and drop it off at a collection point for the designated carrier.

NB: When you receive your lamp, please keep the original packaging in good condition so it can be used for an RMA return if necessary.

Click here to contact Justprojectorlamps.co.uk customer service


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